The Voortrekkers
Zulu King Dingane's Place of Execution, kwaMatiwane
kwaMatiwane - Hill of Execution
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The Hill of Execution

voortrekkersThe hill of execution was located just across the stream that bounded the kraal and was known as kwaMatiwane (the place of Matiwane) from a local chief who had been executed there. Executions occurred almost every day with even the king's wives and top generals not immune from being dragged off.

Their remains were left for the vultures that eventually came to know when a trial was in progress and follow the condemned to the hill. Dingane referred to the vultures as 'my children' and ensured that they were kept well fed.

The Clergyman and the King

The Reverend Francis Owen who had been allowed to establish the mission was located slightly above kwaMatiwane and the royal kraal. Through his telescope, he could see and hear (and was outraged by) the daily executions. He parked one of his wagons between his house and kwaMatiwane to obscure the daily carnage.

Every day he would walk across the valley to minister to the uncomprehending Dingane who was less interested in Christianity and more interested in lessons in musketry and the use of gunpowder. However, the Reverend from Yorkshire did teach Dingane the art of painting.

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